Friday, May 21, 2004

Snap happy

Google/Blogger (why haven't they smooshed their names together yet to re-brand the service as Bloogle..?) have announced the launch of their new blog plug-in (blug-in? Okay, I'll stop doing that now) - Photoblogging.

Snap away with your digital camera, then simply IM the results to your blog using their handy little Hello client, where the photos will be automatically resized and posted along with your chosen caption.

I'm going to have to start carrying my camera with me a lot more (he told himself for the umpteenth time), although of course I won't be able to post any photos from work due to every single port apart from 80 and 443 being closed. Grrr.

Luckily, my camera fits into even the tightest pocket - it's the puny little Gsmart Mini; 600k pixels, 200 picture capacity and ten-second video clip capability, but the results aren't too bad, considering it's smaller than a credit card. I'll have to get round to building that browser-based FTP for my site so I can upload stuff from work.

The other thing I will [almost certainly not] get round to doing this weekend is dragging my old bike out of the shed and getting it road-worthy. I tried some exercise this morning and I still ache, so I need to get back in shape with some regular exertion.

I don't think the showers here are communal...


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